Paul Messinger will be performing songs from AMERICA July 31st at the Durham Central Park as part of the 12th annual Warehouse Blues Series. More info

AMERICA is a song-cycle about the idea of America ...
What is this place we call America ... who are these people we call Americans?
The idea of America has, for over two centuries, drawn the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of
mankind to these shores … Let us go then, you and I, and begin-again to
explore the place(s) peopled with that idea …
Take me to
 the land of the mad-men, and
   the poets, take me to the Waffle-House at
4am, and you will know America,
   you will find America
"This CD is for repeated listening, so one may sink into this new original artistic vision and discover more as time goes on. One can listen on many levels - to appreciate the astounding sonic quality alone, to explore the sophisticated and unique arrangements of the songs, to get into the lyrics which tell a story, and even to enjoy some unique harmonica playing sprinkled throughout."
"It's quirky, intriguing music, full of unexpected twists and turns, meandering through rock, blues, gospel, and folk without ever hanging around in any one genre for very long. Even if you're a native, this is a trip worth taking."

- Grant Britt
No Depression

"...Here it is Paul Messinger and his many wonderful  Musicians who have contributed to this Recording... a cross between madness the uniquely sublime... Pink Floyd meets Monty Python a trip beyond the norm... "

- Shaun Osaurus Rox
World of Harmonica

"Paul is a SONGWRITER whose instrument of choice happens to be harmonica. He doesn’t write harmonica songs, or write songs to show off his harp chops…he writes songs, then adds harp as needed to color the songs the way a violin (fiddle?) would. Paul’s harp on this album is outstanding, and some is technically amazing, but it ALWAYS serves the song."

- Rosco Selley
Rosco in the Margin

Death Don’t Have No Mercy (w/ Special Guest JOE FILISKO)/Track #11, performed LIVE w/ Climb Jacob’s Ladder at The ArtsCenter, Carrboro, NC, 9/22/2011


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